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Townes van Zandt
Kultur im Hinterhalt
Gelting/near Munich

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Photo by Jürgen Sauer - Copyright 1995

 Ten Brand New Songs from Townes Van Zandt!

Recorded in 1966 proving that Townes was Great from the Beginning!
Close your eyes and be a Hippie again! Check out the sound clips at:

Townes van Zandt
"In The Beginning"

by Johanna J. Bodde
   The booklet has all the new lyrics and is full of brand new pictures of Townes and paintings by his son Will Van Zandt. This record is produced and presented by the Estate of Townes Van Zandt through Compadre Records and is available in record stores everywhere now or order it direct at .
We appreciate your interest in and support of Townes and his music!
Jeanene, Will & Katie Belle Van Zandt
TVZ Records

Townes Lyrics & Chords

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